About Us

Raymond Shane Slaughterhouse is a 28-year-old former secretary at a law firm who enjoys duck herding, reading and going to the movies. He is kind and giving, but can also be very sadistic and a bit violent.

He is addicted to video games, something which his friend Lacey Abbi Brown pointed out when he was 18. The problem intensified in 2013. Raymond has lost two jobs as a result of his addiction, specifically: sales assistant at office supplies store and secretary at a law firm.

He is an Australian Buddhist who defines himself as pansexual. He finished school and then left academia. He is a vegetarian. He has a severe phobia of crocodiles, and is obsessed with jazz.

Physically, Raymond is in good shape. He is short with chocolate skin, blonde hair and yellow eyes.

He grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. Having never really known his parents, he was raised in a series of foster homes.

He is currently in a relationship with Violet Omar Cruz. Violet is 18 years older than him and works as a politician.

Raymond’s best friend is a former secretary at a law firm called Lacey Brown. They get on well most of the time. He also hangs around with Lexi Ellis and Esther Carter. They enjoy attending museums together.